About Us

A new concept of fashion in Portugal!


The Sanvitêxteis was formed in 2001 dedicated to the textile market.

Sanvitêxteis born with the aim of bringing the practice a new business model, based on diversification of product, quick response, smaller productions. With this guideline aimed to avoid the competition which is based on low prices and large-scale productions. To achieve this objective are the following fundamental policies.

There is a total openness to dialog between all departments of the company, where he chairs the spirit of between help and solidarity among the various officials.

During these eighteen years trying to achieve financial autonomy, since we anticipated a crisis of funding. With the recent capital increase at this time we are proud to have a total financial independence.

The strategic cooperation with some customers was another of our imaginations, we always offer the best deal so that our companies grow together on a basis of trust.

Increase in the last two years of investment in research and development, looking for design innovation and search for new materials and techniques. It follows from this moment a training program action together with AEP and AEBA.

In the coming years will be done investments in prevention and safety, reorganization of services and the enterprise space, in order to implementing the certification.


There are 7 main pillars of our mission, namely:

  • Quality.
  • Quickness.
  • Excellence in quality price ratio.
  • After-sales service.
  • Full customer satisfaction.
  • Environmental awareness.
  • Social awareness.

Social Responsibility

In order to minimize the ecological footprint caused by our activity we have made ​​efforts to reduce it, give it in that context we promote the following decisions:

-Investment in the production of electrical power through 100% renewable sources, currently 60% of the energy consumed is green.

-Whenever there is renewal of the fleet, there is a concern of choosing the most environmentally friendly solution.

- All waste produced are sent to certified companies that promote the reuse of various products, textiles, cardboard, paper and plastic. Whatever is not used in production is re-used by other industries.

-Energy audit was performed in 2013, and measures to reduce electric consumption are carried out, including changing luminaire technology to LED.

There is cooperation with some entities, including the city hall of Maia, with supporting to the tournament Maia Young, since we consider youth as the pillar of the future society.

We also support the project "Solidarity Door," from parish of Marquês as well as the project "Seeds of Peace" sponsored by the college Nossa Srª da Paz.



May 2019
PME Líder

Sanvitêxteis is awarded the PME Líder 2018 distinction.

May 2018

PME Líder

Sanvitêxteis is awarded the PME Líder 2017 distinction.

January 2018

Empresa Caixa Top

Sanvitêxteis is awarded the Caixa Top award, given by Caixa Geral de Depósitos

July 2013

Initiation of proceedings training action in conjunction with the AEBA, aiming at the following objectives:

    - Improve the management
    - Improve the hygiene and safety at work
    - Improve the rationalisation of space
    - License and certify the company

October 2013
Green Energy

In October 2013 we make the connection to the network of 29.4 Kw photovoltaic park, which allows injecting producing 60% of energy consumption, transforming Sanvitêxteis on a more sustainable and environmentally friendly company.

December 2013
Social Responsibility

Within the project of social responsibility, we support the Parish of Nossa Senhora da Conceição and National Association for Aid to Poor. About 3662 pieces were distributed to the most needy, goods as well food throughout the year 2013.